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温度|温湿度传感器|接口IC - 上海申矽凌微电子科技有限公司


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About Us

Sensylink designs, develops, manufactures and markets/sells analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) products, including environmental temperature and humidity sensor ICs, and Interface ICs. Sensylink's proprietary products have been developed with high precision features and miniature size, combined with low power consumption and low cost. The product portfolio covers different accuracies and packages, and can be used in wide range of industries such as Laptop/workstation, AI chips, CPU/GPU/FPGA temperature monitoring, as well as wearable markets. Sensylink, based at China, provides the most cost-effective products, solutions and services for the global customers and markets.

Product Center

Temperature Sensor IC

Sensylink's Temperature sensor IC products are designed and manufactured with precision analog IC processing, based on the semiconductor diode's I-V temperature dependence theory.Sensylink's products feature different types including local sensing, local+remote sensing, digital output or analog output, different package types, etc.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor IC

It's important to monitor environmental temperature and relative humidity in homes, offices, automobiles and many industries. Sensylink's integrated Temperature/Humidity sensor IC products are designed and manufactured with special MEMS based IC processing so to provide temperature reading and relative humidity reading at the same time, with accuracies as high as ±0.1C for temperature and ± 3%RH for relative humidity.